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Friday 17 April 2015

All change: half time in the Celtic Sea

Alex Poulton, National Oceanography Centre

This morning marked a key placeholder in this cruise: a boat transfer and change of scientists. After half a day's steam we arrived in Falmouth bay, although the ever present sea fog meant that we could have been anywhere from the depths of the South Atlantic to the icy waters of the Arctic. Out of the fog came our three new recruits: Angie Milne, Matthew Fishwick and Elaine Mitchell. 

One of the new arrivals (Matthew Fishwick) climbing up the ladder from the launch. Photo: Chata Seguro.

Like half time in a football match, though without the orange quarters and deep heat, our three new recruits were soon on the pitch – after a brave climb up the ladder and onto the deck of the RRS Discovery. This was a straight like for like substitution for us: two new iron chemists to replace the two leaving and a new bacterial ecologist to replace the departing one. After a quick hello and bye from the new recruits to those getting off, the three leaving climbed down the ladder into the waiting launch and then disappeared off into the mist.

Farewell to those departing. Photo: Chata Seguro.

Before the new team members had a chance of relaxation they were informed that sampling would begin again in 12 hours - they had just half a day to orientate themselves on the ship (i.e. find their bed, their lab coat and the galley) before joining the rest of the team for a full night and day of sampling, firm in the knowledge that there was just over two more weeks to the final whistle.

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